Pride Schools Week

Norwich Pride Schools Week Poster deigned by KezyLou

Norwich Pride Schools Week is from Monday 27th June until Friday 1st July. It’s an opportunity for schools across Norfolk to join in the Norwich Pride celebrations during the school term. This year the theme is protecting the mental health and wellbeing of LGBTQIA+ students and staff.

Why focus on mental health?
Research by Just Like Us has shown that LGBT+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) young people are twice as likely to feel lonely and more than twice as likely to worry daily about their mental health than their non-LGBT+ peers. One in five (18%) young people say they have received no positive messaging from their school about being LGBT+, which suggests that a significant number of schools are not taking action to meet Ofsted requirements of preventing anti-LGBT+ bullying. In addition, LGBT+ young people were twice as likely as their non-LGBT peers (52% vs 27%) to have felt lonely and separated from the people they are closest to on a daily basis during lockdown.

Resources and Ideas
We want Norfolk schools to be places where every child and young person can be safe and proud to be themselves. We are creating a range of resources with young LGBTQIA+ people that can be used in lessons and form-time activities. You can even download a black and white version of our poster created by KezyLou for pupils to mindfully colour in. We’d love to see their creations on social media – please tag us @NorwichPride and use the hashtag #NorwichPrideSchoolsWeek

Teachers Meet-Up
We’re really looking forward to our LGBTQ+ Teachers Meetup as part of Norwich Pride Schools Week, a chance to get the community of educators together in person for the first time in several years! We’re so excited to be hosting a talk from the fantastic Professor Catherine Lee, who will be sharing her research on the impact of Section 28 on LGBTQ+ teachers lives. We hope to see you there! The meetup is primarily aimed at LGBTQ+ educators but allies are welcome too! Due to limited numbers, booking is essential for the event – email 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️

Live Lesson with Peter Tatchell
We are also very excited to announce that on Tuesday 28th June at 1pm we will be hosting a live online lesson with international civil rights activist Peter Tatchell that any school can watch, wherever you are. Details of how to book places will be announced shortly.

Peter Tatchell is amazing. We hope your school will take part in his live lesson.

Educating with Pride
Norwich Pride Schools Week is just one way for your school to support your LGBTQ+ young people. The Norfolk LGBT+ Project, whose Educating With Pride Award has been running since 2018, helps schools across Norfolk achieve a high standard of care supporting LGBT+ young people, staff, parents and the wider community. To find out more visit their website

Educating with Pride logo

Get in touch!
We’d love to hear about your plans for Norwich Pride Schools Week, and we are always looking for ideas to share across our Teachers’ Network. Please do get in touch and let us know what your school are planning, and send us photos and reports from your previous Norwich Pride Schools Week events. Tell us if there is anything that would be really helpful for you and we’ll try to arrange it. Email us at

Sewell Park Academy celebrating Norwich Pride Schools Week in 2021

East of England Coop
Thank-you to East of England Coop for sponsoring Norwich Pride Schools Week 2022

Check out this research from the Anna Freud Centre on how schools can support students who are questioning their sexuality or gender identity: